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A Liger is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. Ligers typically grow larger than either parent species, and is the biggest known feline in the world. Notably, Ligers period of growth is longer than other feline species and tend to grow to enormous levels with each passing year.


As a multiple family office company, Liger possess a strong care as that of a tigress and offers the best financial guidance to its investors, while holding an attitude of a lion that represents grandness and wisdom, by which they consciously analyze and invest in the ever-changing market and thereby ensuring faster and sustained growth.


Liger strives to fuse together the expertise and ethics, and we focus on sustained growth by providing our clientele with objective guidance. Liger, was founded, developed, and structured expressly around understanding and meeting the complex financial needs of wealthy families.


Our Vision

To be admired for an honest approach, consulting expertise and innovative solutions. To be the benchmark of reference in client satisfaction and financial responsibility at all times. To continue to deliver superior returns and preserve the legacy of our clients.

Liger is a respected financial services firm committed to working closely with high-net-worth individuals, families and select foundations to identify, develop, implement and monitor comprehensive wealth and investment management strategies. Our approach is grounded in the principle of active listening, with a vision to fully understand your specific goals, priorities and risk aptitude to ultimately deliver enduring value.

Our Mission

To be a reliable partner combining ambition, principles and insight and work closely with our clients to achieve Sustainable growth. Financial prosperity. An enduring legacy. Total satisfaction and Complete peace of mind.
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We believe that the values are the core to a successful investment and to make a business successful.



We believe that the values are the core to a successful investment and to make a business successful.



Opinions and perceptions vary. Hence, we sit with you closely to understand what is that you are looking out for.



Desire and passion are not something that you acquire through learning. It is in-borne. We are very passionate, and we have a desire of helping our investors and the companies to streamline their vision.



As there are no limitations to the thoughts that conspire in our minds, we have faith in our thoughts and conceptions and the companies and ideas that we invest in. Through faith, we believe that we can explore many untapped opportunities.



We believe that persistence is the key to success. That is why we encourage our investors as well as the investees to put in continued effort towards achieving what they truly desire.



Being organized is another key to solving most of the common problems. Success is just one step beyond failure. Through organized planning and effective decision making, we believe that one can sustain longer.



Be a leader and not a boss. A boss may command someone to complete a task but may not be able to instill a right thought. We believe that being a leader is more important to guide someone in the right direction.